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ply roofing system

Orlando roofers prefer single-ply roofing systems for the Central Florida climate. They are among the most popular roofing solutions nowadays. These systems include insulation, a single-ply membrane (usually made of PVC or TPO material), flashings and adhesive.

Our company provides various thicknesses and widths according to the characteristics of your roof surface. These roofing systems are rather easy to install and maintain, they require occasional minimal interventions.

Their composition makes them extremely lightweight, but their durability is 40 years. Single-ply systems are resistant to UV rays, extreme weather conditions and chemical effluents. All of this makes them a perfect investment for your building’s construction and design.

What our customers say

“My home is relatively spacious and vintage and the roofs needed thorough reparation recently. The total surface is broad, and it required highly professional approach with attention to details. Technicians from this company provided amazing service with minimum disturbance for my family being in the house whole time. I’m impressed by their approach to the roofs of residential homes.”

Jean Martinez

“My company rented building complex recently, but the building needed remodeling and renovation. Starting from the roof. We hired this company and their technicians provided respected service. They installed a whole new roofing system using durable, resistant and lightweight materials. The insulation is great; the heating/cooling costs are lower, and it even looks elegant.”

Billy Sechrist

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